„Talentai Lietuvai“ – tai unikali karjeros pradžios Lietuvoje programa, skirta užsienio universitetų absolventams ir jauniesiems profesionalams

Graphic design and video content guru

Have you ever wonder how it would be to work in a company where your ideas and works have a global impact? Do you think, that from scratch you can make a digital art? You know what is 24fps or 60fps and what lenses are the best for each action? Do you feel like Picasso when you are using Photoshop tools? If you said yes to yourself – wonderful because we have an offer for you!
We are successful & innovative global company – SKYCOP, offering and supplying services from a service center in Vilnius. Our main duty is to make sure that every single passenger, whose flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked, gets their due compensation from the airlines.

If you’re ready to commit to a full, 3-month internship that will expand your knowledge and skills – and you feel you could contribute to our continuing success, get in touch!


What role will you have?

  • Good commercial material is a real treasure, so you will be a master of creating promotional and branding content;
  • You will also be an artist of social media graphic content;
  • Everyone knows that colorful and creative information is remembered much better, so you will be like a sunbeam in our team by creating infographics and other assets;
  • You will work with a variety of graphical formats, which will most often be used for web and sometimes for print media also;
  • Also, you will say „an action!“ to yourself by creating dynamic (small video, GIF…) content creation.

What knowledge luggage is required?

  • Your attitude should be goal oriented to tasks;
  • With a sharp brain you should have a deep knowledge of visual content impact to psychology;
  • Good communication skills;
  • You also should have eagerness to improve on each task;
  • Familiarity with web, mobile and print design;
  • You should pay close attention to details;
  • Willingness to develop knowledge and skills in dynamic content creation;
  • You also should have experience in graphic design with a solid portfolio to demonstrate.

Additional pluses

  • Knowledge of web design will be a big bonus for you.

If these roles and requirements is not big deal to you – we are waiting for you with impatience! Join our mission!

Something more about us:

„Skycop“ – is a global provider of tailor – made solution for all air passengers, helping to secure compensation for delayed, canceled or overbooked flight. By combination of expertise in all kind of aviation services, debt collections, legal and credit management we provide highly competence service. SKYCOP partners – airports, travel agencies, more than 100 Civil Aviation Authorities and other organizations sharing common interests.

Something about us: